After a meeting at the Ministry of Labor, the ATE and UPCN unions reached an agreement with the National Government for an additional 10 percent increase in wages for May, the month in which the 2021-2022 joint agreement expires, totaling an increase higher than 64 percent in the period.

At the same time, next month the discussions will start to agree on salary increases for the 2022-2023 period. The extra increase agreed for the month of May includes “the remuneration of the permanent and non-permanent personnel of the collective labor agreement approved by decree 214/06 of 10 percent from next May 1, which will be applied on the monthly income , normal, customary, regular and permanent approved and in force as of May 2021”.

In addition, the understanding also includes “the values ​​and remuneration scales of the ranks and entities of the collective agreement and the amounts equivalent to compensation for travel expenses, the additional for provision of services in Antarctica, the reimbursement for food expenses and the mobility compensation.

The head of the Association of State Workers (ATE), Hugo Godoy, stated that “the Government listened to the union’s proposal to reopen the union in order to guarantee compliance with the objective of achieving an increase above the inflationary level for the period 2021- 22, out of phase due to the increases that are produced incessantly and that required a readjustment”.

At the same time, the leader was in favor of short agreements for the next joint discussion. In that direction, he pointed out that the salary recomposition has to be agreed for “shorter periods” and “with fewer installments” to “not go behind inflation.”

Source: Secretariat of Management and Public Employment