Private medicine, one of the main consumptions of the middle class basket, will rise again in October by 11.53%, according to what the companies communicated to their associates.

The agreement was authorized to the entities of the sector by the national government. In this way, the health insurance service will increase 87.9% in ten months, above inflation. In 12 months, the readjustment will be 104.8%.

The increase, which is the eighth this year, arises from the application of a mechanism in force since August, in which the prices of health plans came with a readjustment of 11.34%.

In December, another increase will be added, in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Health.

For the assembly of the cost index, four elements were considered:

– Costs related to human resources and the percentages of salary improvement included in joint negotiations for health personnel working in private clinics are considered, specifically.

– Medication values, for which the evolution of the reference values ​​of a list of products prepared by the Health authorities is observed.

– Prices of medical supplies. The variation of the item “Medicinal products, artifacts and equipment for health”, which makes up the Consumer Price Index (IPC) of the Indec, is taken into account.

– Other inputs and general expenses, which is, directly, the variation of the CPI.

The factor that has the most weight in calculating the index is human resources.

The regulations also provide that financing entities (prepaid) must transfer a certain portion of the increase applied to fees to the fees they pay to providers (clinics, sanatoriums, care centers and diagnostic practices in general).

For both the case of August and October, it was established that this readjustment of values ​​must be 90% of the price increase index. For this reason, with the increase of the tenth month of the year, the prepaid must update the amounts paid to those who provide medical services by 10.38%.

So far in 2022, and always with authorization granted by the Government, health plans have become more expensive 9% in January, 6% in March, 6% in April, 8% in May, 10% in June, 4% in July and 11.34% in August.