The Córdoba Police carried out a series of procedures in different points of the city of Córdoba and the province, for different criminal acts that ended in the arrest of a total of 13 suspects.

Córdoba Capital: seven people arrested for robberies and threats

The Coordination Directorate of Civil Brigades carried out various raids in the neighborhoods of Urquiza, Talleres, Cooperativa La Ilusión, Chacho Chico, Pueyrredón, Patricios, Villa Azalais, which ended in the capture of seven adult men for the alleged crimes of aggravated robbery, concealment , illegal possession of a firearm and qualified threats.

Firearms and replicas, cartridges, motorcycles, electrical appliances, cell phones and clothing that would be linked to the causes were seized, and there could be more arrests.

Villa el Libertador neighborhood: woman arrested for selling drugs

Police security cameras captured how a woman traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle handed a bag of white powder to a subject who gave her money in exchange. From the monitoring center they notified the mobile phones, which intercepted the 40-year-old woman at the intersection of Avenida de Mayo and La Falda in the aforementioned neighborhood. The detainee had several cocaine Dose, other narcotics, money and a cell phone, which were seized along with the Honda CB motorcycle.

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Operation in the parking lot of the Children’s Hospital

A 26-year-old woman was detained in the Children’s Hospital parking lot. She was driving a Volkswagen UP that had an arrest warrant, since it had been stolen on September 29. The operation found the woman a bulletproof vest, a bag that contained two 9 mm and 11.25 caliber firearms with chargers and cartridges, three cell phones and money. She was left in court.

City of Saturnino Laspiur: seven raids and four arrested for selling drugs

The Public Prosecutor’s Office reported that an operation against drug dealing was carried out in the eastern region of the province of Córdoba, in which the Anti-Drug Police Force seized drugs and arrested four adults for selling drugs in the city of Córdoba. Saturnino Maria Laspiur. They are three men (19, 30 and 42) and one woman (18), who ran three drug sales points located in the town of San Justo department.

The procedure was directed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and took place in seven homes, in which 279 doses of marijuana, 15 cocaine, money (apparently the product of drug dealing) and different elements presumably related to the division and sale of substances. All were brought to justice for alleged violation of the National Narcotics Law.

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