Milanese week is preparing to find out who will be consecrated this year with the “Best Milanese 2022″. Meanwhile, until August 28, people will be able to enjoy the discounts offered by the different restaurants in Córdoba capital and surrounding towns.

Those who wish to access the benefits must download the Gastronomic Circuit app on their cell phones. Then, they must enter the Milanese Week section, choose the restaurant where the house specialty will be tasted and click the “Promos” button.

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Here is the list of restaurants where you can take advantage of the milanesas with a 30 percent discount:





the tucu

Junior B

Jiminy (Gauss)

The Milanese Club (Gral Paz)

The Milanese Club (Nva Cba)

The Milanese Club (Cerro)

The Milanesa Club (Garden)

The Milanese Club (Valle Escondido)


Tenderloins 348

still life


Gombu Market


station 27

stay hot dog

Milanese week in other Cordoba towns

The World Cup – La Calera

Junior B – Carlos Paz

Junior B – High Grace

Papanato – La Calera

Papanato – Villa Allende

Argentine Custom – Freyre

The Triangle – Square Way