This Wednesday, the mayor Martín LLaryora, his deputy Daniel Passerini and the Secretary of Transport, Marcelo Rodio, traveled to Buenos Aires in order to fight for a fairer transport ticket for all Argentines, and especially for the Cordovans.

Within the framework of the treatment of the 2023 National Budget, together with mayors of cities in the interior and deputies, they once again expressed the demand for a fair distribution of subsidies. This event occurs within the framework of a threatening 72-hour strike of UTA drivers for the entire interior of the country.

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In this sense Marcelo Rodio spoke, who revealed shocking data: “This time I would like to tell you about the look inside. We are having a situation of absolute inequality in public transport. Next week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there will be no transport Deputies and Deputies, there will be no public transport. 9 million passengers have internal transport per day, that is, 27 million people next week will not be able to mobilize”