This March 17 marks the 31st anniversary of the attack on the Israeli Embassy, ​​perpetrated by the pro-Iranian organization Hezbollah. The attack took place at 2:47 p.m., during peak traffic hours in the City of Buenos Aires, when a Ford F 100 truck, patent C 1275871, raised its two right wheels onto the sidewalk to park at number 916 Arroyo street. Suipacha corner and detonate an explosive charge.

To commemorate the 29 victims and more than 200 deaths, the Israeli embassy in Argentina will hold the central act of tribute this Friday. It will be at 2:30 p.m. in the dry square located in the place where the embassy was destroyed, where lime trees were planted on behalf of the deceased.

The Israeli embassy – in charge of Eyal Sela said on his official Twitter account that “Supported by Iran, the terrorist organization Hezbollah has murdered innocent civilians from Israel to Argentina. 31 years since the attack on the Israeli embassy in Argentina, an example of what Hezbollah and Iran seek to sow: terror, blood and destruction.” The text is accompanied by a video with images of militiamen of that organization, of the destroyed buildings of the AMIA (1992) and the embassy (1994) in Buenos Aires, of attacks in Saudi Arabia (1996) and in Bulgaria (2012), from Iranian hierarchs and messages rejecting terrorism.

The reminders began this Thursday, with the call “Youth Act”, which took place in the late afternoon in the dry square of Arroyo and Suipacha. Both acts were convened under the motto “Sowing a legacy of memory to reap a future of peace.”

The embassy said: “In homage to the victims, their families and loved ones; to the survivors; to all those who offered their support and dedication to help remove the rubble, heal the wounds, and reconstruct body and soul injuries, we dedicate a educational project that collects pedagogical resources that facilitate addressing the issue in educational institutions and working towards a society in which terrorism does not take place again”.

Arroyo 916 esq. Suipacha – This is what the Israeli Embassy looked like before the attack on March 17, 1992.