This Thursday at a new meeting of the Committee Monitoring of mosquito-borne diseases confirmed 1,333 new cases of dengue and 84 of chikungunya.

So far in the 22/23 season, 3,144 cases of dengue were registered, 75 imported and 3,039 autochthonous; while the epidemiological situation of chikungunya reached 104 cases in total, 15 imported and 85 autochthonous. Regarding dengue, the age group from 15 to 44 years concentrates the highest percentage of confirmed cases, with 55.1%. Meanwhile, at week 14 there was a total of 77 cases that required hospitalization, which represents 3 percent.

laura lopezdirector of Epidemiology, stated: “Regarding dengue notifications, for week 14 we have 7 percent less in relation to the 2020 outbreak; but it is in these last weeks when the highest proportion of cases is observed; So, this acceleration that is being seen is worrying.”

During the meeting, There was also a death of a 68-year-old personnative of the hills, assisted in a private clinic in Villa Dolores, with risk factors. There are a total of two deaths since the start of the season. Currently, 245 neighborhoods of the capital register isolated cases of autochthonous dengue and in the interior, there are already 70 localities with at least one case of autochthonous dengue that cover 21 departments of the province.

The Province has carried out 340 expanded focus blocking operations, 250 in the capital and 90 in the interior, in which more than 58 thousand homes have been visited. In these, 123 field agents work: 24 promoters, 67 field technicians, 24 space spray technicians and 8 coordinators who add to those contributed by each municipality.

On the other hand, Lopez added: “Although at the end of this week a drop in temperature is expected, let’s remember that the mosquito remains active inside the home, so it is important to maintain preventive measures to avoid the bite and make an early consultation at the first symptoms.”

In relation to the national situation, the 14 jurisdictions with native viral circulation of dengue are maintained (Buenos Aires, CABA, Córdoba, Entre Ríos, Jujuy, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Formosa, Chaco, Catamarca, Salta, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán and La Rioja); and they have already been reported 14 people deceased. According to information from the National Health Surveillance System, the accumulated cases at week 13 are 26% above those registered for the same period in 2020 and 4% below the number of cases in 2016, years that registered important outbreaks in the country. As to chikungunya915 cases were reported in the season, and the provinces with the highest number of cases are: Buenos Aires, Formosa, CABA and Misiones.

The Room had a presentation by the epidemiology team of the Secretariat of Prevention and Community Health Care of the capital city, who presented the territorial actions that they have been carrying out together with the provincial health portfolio. Officials from the city municipality, representatives from the Central Laboratory of the Province, from the provincial CAPS, from different capital and interior hospitals and from the Department of Zoonoses participated.

Early consultation and symptoms

From the Department of Epidemiology, it is recalled the importance of medical consultation in the presence of fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, in the joints and/or muscles. It is also important to deepen care measures to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes.

Departments and localities of the Province of Córdoba with autochthonous and imported dengue cases:

  • CAPITAL (2463): Cordoba Capital (2463)
  • COLON (147): Jesús María (55), Villa Allende (48), La Calera (16), Colonia Caroya (9), Saldán (5), Salsipuedes (4), Malvinas Argentinas (3), Mendiolaza (3), La Granja (2) and Rio Ceballos (2).
  • CROSS AXIS (23): Cross of the Axis (23).
  • ISCHILIN (3): Dean Funes (3).
  • JUAREZ CELMAN (6): General Deheza (1), Los Cisnes (2), Olaeta (1) and Reduction (2).
  • MARCOS JUAREZ (3): Marcos Juarez (3).
  • MINES (1): San Carlos Minas (1).
  • POINT (42): Carlos Paz (13), Cosquín (17), Cuesta Blanca (2), Estancia Vieja (2), Santa María de Punilla (3), Tanti (1), Valle Hermoso (1), Villa Caeiro (1) and Villa Giardino (2).
  • FOURTH RIVER (200): Rio Cuarto (191), Adelia Maria (5), Las Higueras (2), Coronel Baigorria (1) and Achira (1).
  • FIRST RIVER (21): La Para (19) and Diego de Rojas (2).
  • SECOND RIVER (11): Laguna Larga (1), Luque (8), Pozo del Molle (1) and Río Segundo (1).
  • ROQUE SAENZ PEÑA (1): Laboulaye (1).
  • SAINT ALBERT (8): San Vicente (1) and Villa Sarmiento (7).
  • SAINT XAVIER (31): Las Acacias (1), Los Cerrillos (18), Los Hornillos (1), Luyaba (2) and Villa Dolores (9).
  • SAINT JUST (97): San Francisco (73), Miramar (11), Porteña (3), La Paquita (2), Marull (3), Colonia San Bartolomé (1), Freyre (1), Las Varillas (1) and Arroyito (1).
  • SAINT MARTIN (6): Villa María (4), La Playosa (1) and Villa Nueva (1).
  • SAINT MARY (9): Malagueño (3), Santa Ana (2), Alta Gracia (3) and Toledo (2).
  • THIRD UP (4): The Partridges (2), James Craik (1) and Oliva (1).
  • TOTAL (5): Mockingbird (2) and Totoral (3).
  • TULUMBA (2): San Jose de la Dormida (2).
  • UNION (4): Bell Ville (3) and Alto Alegre (1).