1. A special breakfast

It’s a weekend, and he’ll probably be sleeping late, so you’ll have the perfect time to bring out your chef skills and prepare him the best breakfast of his life.

2. A good book

When it comes to buying books, you can always opt for the classic authors option or you can risk a little more and meet emerging writers.

3. Cyclowalk

Without having to go far, you can have an incredible plan for the weekend. So wake up early, get your bike and dad’s bike ready, and head out to explore the city on two wheels. Health and fun in the same plan for dad!

4. An unexpected trip

Surprise him, wait for the weekend to arrive and tell him to get ready because they are going on a trip. Try to take him to a place unknown to him and give him the best weekend.

5. Fashionable Dad

You know your dad’s tastes perfectly, so it will be much easier to be able to give him a garment that makes him look full of style and sophistication. Do not be afraid! Although it may take a while to choose, you will surely find the ideal jacket or shirt for him.