Despite the request to frame the death of Luciano Gassmann (16) at the hands of Gonzalo Soria (29) within the possible intent, as in the case of the Circunvalación tragedy, the Córdoba Justice decided to maintain the accusation as “aggravated manslaughter “, for which Soria was sentenced to 5 years and 5 months in prison. He will also have his driver’s license banned for the next ten years.

The defendant’s last words before hearing the verdict were “I take responsibility, it was my mistake, it was a mistake to have drunk alcohol and gone driving. I feel a great sadness. Nobody is prepared to lose a child. I will always apologize to Luciano’s family”. To which he added: “I never want to drive a car or drink alcohol again. I ruined everyone’s life. A thousand apologies,” he closed.

For its part, Luciano’s family showed their anger and sadness at the exit of Courts for the sentence. In dialogue with the press, Leonardo, the young man’s father, said: “We are outraged with the Justice of Córdoba. The Amoedo case marked jurisprudence.” To this he added that “I always said it, Amoedo did not see his victims, Gonzalo Soria did. In that he frames and closes everything. If Gonzalo Soria saw them, it is because he wanted to kill them,” he closed.

His mother, Laura, said: “I’m outraged, I thought that Justice was different.” In addition, she promised “not to give up.” It is worth mentioning that the teenager’s family stated that they are going to appeal the sentence. “This was not an accident, he was drunk. And my son was walking, nor did he lend him the motorcycle so that nothing would happen to him,” the mother closed.

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