Like every Monday at Pato a la Mañana we have the presence of Dr. Rocío Actis Danna. Today the specialist referred to varicose veins, which she defined as superficial veins that dilate mostly in the legs and feet. She also provided recommendations since “50% of the adult population has varicose veins.”

As for the symptoms, the doctor specified that people usually show fatigue, pain or swelling in the legs and change in skin color. In these cases, a Doppler ultrasound is performed to see the accumulation of blood in said veins and, after that, the appropriate treatment for each patient. In this line Rocío Actis Danna mentioned preventive medications, compression measures (only under medical prescription) and surgeries.

On this point, the doctor distinguished laser surgeries, commonly used for spider veins and shallow varicose veins, from surgeries with spinal anesthesia that involve greater risk. In the same way, she clarified that lymphatic drainage is for lymph problems such as those that people who have had a tumor removed tend to have, and not for varicose veins.

As a preventive measure to avoid the production of varicose veins and any pathology or disease, Rocío Actis Danna recalled the importance of doing physical activity, resting properly, having a good diet and maintaining a healthy weight.