Commercial Observatory of the Córdoba Chamber of Commerce (CCC) reported that, in the month of June, 50% of the businesses sold below expectations. It should be noted that it was a month with great opportunities due to the long weekend and Father’s Day.

Although the majority did not reach what was expected, only 10% of the stores registered a higher level of sales than expected. Those that are located in shopping malls or are large have a good month.

The rather small infrastructure stores and those located in the “Yofre Axis” witnessed a drop in income and low profitability above average. The item that exceeded sales levels was deco-home/bazaar.

On average for everything, the ticket in June was $32,403. On the other hand, the year-on-year validation shows a 10% drop in product sales compared to the sixth month of the previous year and a drop in profitability of 18%. Also, the inter-monthly validation shows that there was a 6% reduction in relation to May of this year and a decrease in profitability of 8%.

Meanwhile, the variation of the different economic sectors was:

Clothing: an 8% decrease in units sold was observed compared to May. And they continue to sell 18% fewer units compared to 2022. The average ticket reached $35,100.

Fashion accessories: in relation to the units sold, they fell 7% compared to May and 6% if compared year-on-year. The average ticket reached $10,731.

Deco / home: units sold increased by 5% compared to May. In year-on-year terms, it sold 10% more. The average ticket is $75,833.

-Aesthetics and personal care: there was a decrease in the units sold both month-on-month by -10% and also year-on-year (-5%). The average ticket was $26,963.