Although initially the National Government projected that 10% of households would be left out of energy subsidies, the data sent by the Nation to Ersep shows a worse picture: 57% of residential users in the province of Córdoba will lose the electricity subsidy; which would imply around 820,000 households that will have to pay the full rate.

For residential, the rise is 19.5% since September. This increase corresponds to a 20% reduction in the subsidy. In November, another 40% haircut will be advanced and in January, the last 40% tranche.

What we are trying to analyze are the causes of such a high percentage of households that have been left out: were some of them unable to sign up or did they not find out? The truth is that according to Nación, since the Central Bank announcements, 18,000 households have withdrawn from the subsidy in order to continue buying dollar savings.

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