The INDEC reported this Tuesday that inflation of 6.6% was registered in the country in February. The number moves away from the intentions of the Ministry of Economy, which expected to keep the Consumer Price Index (CPI) at the margin of between 3 and 4 percent.

The data had already been anticipated by various consultants who expressed their concern about the escalation of prices. In cordoba, The Grocers Center reported that in the second month of the year inflation was 6.73%, which raised the value of the basic basket to more than $182,000.

According to the report, a variation of 13.1% was accumulated in the first two months of the year. In the interannual comparison, it had an increase of 102.5%. In the midst of the productive crisis due to the persistent drought, the item of Food and non-alcoholic beverages the one that registered the highest increase of the month (9.8%)mainly due to the incidence of the increase in Meat and derivatives and Milk, dairy products and eggs.

The next divisions with the largest increases were Communication (7.8%)which was affected by the increase in the services of telephony and internet and Restaurants and hotels (7.5%), due to increases in Restaurants and meals outside the home. Also notable in the period was the increase in: prepaid fees, which had an impact on Health (5.3%); cigarettes, in Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (5.2%); the fuelswithin Transportation (4.9%); and electricity and water services in some regions, in Housing, water, electricity and other fuels (4.8%).