From the consultant randstad reported that the desired age does not coincide with the legal age to start retirement procedures, but rather with the one in which the worker would like to be able to stop being active, since in the different countries there are different pension systems.

In Argentina The current standard generally establishes a minimum of 30 years of work with contributions to the pay-as-you-go retirement system and have 60 years of age in the case of women and 65 in the case of males.

The Randstad report states that “64% of Argentine workers indicated that their financial position prevents them from retiring as soon as they would like” and that “68% of Chilean workers do not believe they can retire at the desired age.”

He also assured that “The same happens with 58% of Mexican workers and with 57% of Brazilian workers, clearly showing that the economic situation does not support the possibilities of retirement at a relatively early age.”