Gmail is a fundamental tool today not only to communicate but also to organize all our work and study material.

We present seven key tools for you to get the full potential of this tool.

1. Undo Sent Mail

Maybe you ever sent an email but later regretted it. Well, Gmail gives you the ability to undo a sent email, but you have to set that option first.

-Go to Gmail General settings

-Find “Undo send”

-Set the highest setting: 30 seconds

Checking the highest setting will give you time to hit the “Undo” button that appears when sending a message.

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2. Ignore or mute conversations

A very useful tool when you are on vacation. How to do it?

-Open the conversation that bothers you

-Click on the three dots

-Click “Mute”

All future responses will be saved and archived.

3. Reuse your responses: Gmail templates

Gmail has different options to be able to prepare your answers. This is an area for creating message templates. You save these templates and only have to select them when you have to answer the same question again.

-Advanced configuration

-Enable templates

-Compose your email

-Click on the three dots

-Check “Save as template”

-Ready, next time everything will be easier and you will save a lot of time, because you will only have to use it.

4. Send later

The app allows you to schedule emails to be sent at the time you want. I tell you how to do it:

-When you are in the message box look for a down arrow next to the “Send” button.

-Click there and choose “Schedule shipping”

-Select the date and time you want to use for that message

-Enjoy the automations that Gmail offers you.

5. Most important key combinations or keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Gmail has keyboard shortcuts to make it faster and more efficient. You can see all the available keyboard shortcuts within Gmail’s own settings. Here we leave you some:

– Archive: using the shortcut key and

-Delete: using the shortcut key #

-Mute the conversation: using the shortcut key m

-Answer: using the shortcut key r

6. Postpone email

Incoming messages will appear in your inbox again for the date you have selected. How to snooze an email in Gmail?

-Click on the clock at the bottom right of the received message

-Choose time you want to postpone it

7. Organize the tabs

You can organize the tabs so that they are visible and in the same way, hide the ones that you do not want to see.

-Go to the left side panel

-Click on “Manage labels”