This morning at 10 o’clock, the national senator Alejandra Vigo (Córdoba Federal) began the 70th Anniversary of the death of Eva Perón with a floral offering at the monument to Eva Perón located in the Bajada Pucará.

“This day is very special, for us Evita is unique, we all identify with Evita, all of us. It transcended the women of Peronism themselves, shaped the political participation of women, taught us that we could lead and activate politics and, from there, it seems to me that the figure of Eva for the entire political spectrum is one of the most important . For women, she was a great promoter of everything that came after. She allowed everyone, who did not have any rights, to feel part of the workers’ environment, ”said Vigo.

And he added: “Sometimes it is about avoiding his figure in politics. But I think that for Perón it was very important that Evita was with him. All Argentine politics has to vindicate Eva Perón whose work transcended Argentina. It seems to me that it is very important that without distinction we are present 70 years after her passing to immortality”.

Finally, the senator pointed out: “No figure has emerged, male or female, who has embodied what Evita embodied, that great transformation. That is why we say that he is immortal, he is always present”.

At 11 am a community mural was inaugurated in the Campo de la Rivera neighborhood; and at 7:30 p.m. a community mass will be celebrated in the Santo Domingo Church.
While the central act will be at 17, when the women of the PJ of Córdoba, led by Vigo, perform the Tribute to Evita. This is the main activity of Córdoba Peronism that will take place in Studio Theater (Rosario de Santa Fe 272, city of Córdoba).