79% of older people affected by situations of domestic violence during 2021 were women, according to a report by the Office of Domestic Violence (OVD) of the Supreme Court of Justice, based on an increase in the total number of complaints received that year with Regarding 2020, it was officially reported.

The report “Older persons affected by situations of violence. Year 2021”, presented by the OVD also revealed that, of that 79 percent of older women affected, 67% were between 60 and 74 years old and 33 percent were over 74.

Likewise, the data showed that half of the older women suffered abuse by their sons and daughters, a proportion that increased among those affected over 75 years of age (64%). In addition, 56 percent of victims cohabited with the person reported at the time of filing.

According to the survey, different types of violence were recorded: in 97 percent of cases, psychological; in 49 percent, environmental; 46 percent physical; 42 percent symbolic, and 38 percent economic-patrimonial.