In the last few hours, nine autochthonous cases of people with dengue were confirmed in the city of Córdoba. On Monday, February 20, two cases were found when both people consulted a health center for symptoms compatible with this disease.

The Director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health, laura lopezHe reported that “They were already preparing for the season due to the international alerts of the occurrence of numbers” so they were working with the health team to face these moments.

He also indicated that “since the autochthonous circulation of the virus is active, it is fundamental that the population is aware and is integrated so that they can take all preventive measures and reduce the risks of transmission”.

Lopez indicated that thanks to the two people who came to the Rawson Hospital to consult for compatible symptoms, they began with the investigation in the territory where the other seven febrile patients stood out, who were referred to the health centers.

On the other hand, he specified that although the symptoms may be mild, there are people who, due to their condition, have situations of greater risk that may have dengue shock syndrome and lead to death. For this reason, he remarked that “A person who consults on time and who is followed by their health team, the frequency of a fatal outcome is very low.”

Some symptoms that may appear are similar to other diseases since they generally start with fever, headache, pain behind the eyes and/or muscle pain, so it is recommended to see your family doctor or a health center immediately.