The roast increased by 4.38% in the month of June, revealed the North Market. According to the Asado Index, a report published every month, making a barbecue for 10 people costs 9,380 pesos (938 pesos per person). Values ​​include beef, charcoal, vegetables, eggs, drinks (soft drinks and wine) and dessert (ice cream or fruit).

“In an inflationary context, in June the barbecue with chicken and pork meat was consolidated as the cheapest options,” they explained from Mercado Norte. The chicken alternative, for 10 people, costs 5,180 pesos and the pork one, 8,505 pesos. For a more “premium” alternative, roast beef went up to 11,058 pesos.

Roast Index: 9 thousand pesos for 10 people • Channel C

Source: North Market