The re-entering participant of Big Brother 2022 Juliana told details to the rest of her classmates about what she found out when she left the house and for that reason she received a triple sanction this Thursday.

“Remember, you can’t say anything about the outside because you will be sanctioned,” the host of the program, Santiago del Moro, had warned him before re-entering the reality show for the repechage.

However, the woman from Santa Fe leaked information to her boyfriend Maxi Giudici about both the game and their families.

“Julieta told me today, what he grabbed… what a fool,” he commented in relation to the ball that was thrown from the outside and that Coti Romero grabbed. “That’s why…”, the man from Cordoba managed to say. And “Tini”, who minutes before entering had seen the sanction that the Corrientes received, completed: “They annulled her vote.”

Del Moro was in charge of reading the red statement issued by Big Brother for Juliana’s breach of the regulations.

Thus, he mentioned what the triple sanction is: he will not be able to participate in the leader’s test next week, he was left on the plate for the following week -there will be no elimination gala this Sunday for Christmas- and he will not be able to nominate the rest of the participants .