In the last hours, a video of a bishop from Uruguay began to go viral making a strong defense against the Argentine singer Tini Stoessel. The priest was very critical of the artist and unfilteredly repudiated her songs, something that ended up sparking controversy regarding whether she was right or not.

Through his YouTube channel, Jaime Fuentes, made a furious release which he titled: “Imbecile children?” The man started the video by saying: “I was struck by the extraordinary success that Tini’s performance had at the Centenario stadium”. In this line, he commented that he had heard about the singer on other occasions but that he did not give it importance. However, after seeing Tini’s great call, he was curious to know more about it and investigate “the causes of success”.

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“Have you seen any video of this little girl? It has millions of followers and views. Have you seen her? Have you heard the lyrics?” Fuentes questioned. And he proceeded to read one of Tini’s songs: “With my cat’ we go out’ of friction, we don’t arrive’ before’ twelve o’clock. I know well that we seem ‘bad’. But deep down you know me. That in my bed I am not going to sleep, a trip to Europe before leaving, wherever we are going to follow her. Tonight is to drink, to go out and not come back. Today I don’t come home, we set it up in the square. Serve me a little drink ma’, one for me and another for. The one who sometimes forgets, that there is only one life. Here came the triple T: Tini, Tini, Tini (…)”, the bishop read.

Finally the bishop reflected: “You are fathers and mothers of families who surely did not know, did not listen and did not pay attention to what I just read, about this song of this creature.” And then he called for the reflection of the families saying: “Do you realize what it takes for your sons and daughters to dance to the rhythm and to the lyrics of this? Are you aware that this type of literature is entering the heads, hearts and behaviors of your own daughters? ?”.

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