A few days ago, a video was trending on social networks due to the impact generated by his statement. The event occurred at a children’s party in Mexico, where Leidy Rosales, an entertainer dressed as a clown, played games with the children and asked them with a “hypnotizing rope”, while the little ones answered her questions.

Among the questions that the clown asked was “the rope is hypnotized… It will be dehypnotized when it detects a mother who has only come to eat today”, and then see all the children raising their hands, pointing out that their mothers had only come to eat, generating laughter from most of the attendees.

The moment of strange tension was felt when the cheerleader expressed that the hypnotizing rope was going to detect when “some dad is cheating on his wife” and in the middle of the jokes, a boy who was sitting participating in the game, raised his hand and He said “My dad, my dad!” The little boy also managed to point out his father, leaving everyone silent for a few seconds, and then burst out laughing on the spot.

The particular moment was recorded and shared on Leidy’s TikTok account @ leidyrosales8, which generated more than two million views, more than 100 thousand Likes, including almost 12 thousand shares on social networks.