It is not for nothing that they say that puppies are man’s best friends, they are guardians, friends, companions, they are just some of the adjectives with which we can describe them. And this was exposed recently when a little prank opened the door of his house and escaped into the street.

The incident occurred in Casilda in the city of Buenos Aires, where a little boy aged 1 year and 9 months escaped from the house through the front door. Fortunately, the two family pets were there and when they saw the situation, one of them ran inside to tell the mother who quickly ran out to look for the little one.

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His mother was recently interviewed by the Channel 13 newscast and told how she lived that day. “The journey from the living room to the sidewalk was: to die, to revive and so on until I saw him on the neighbor’s sidewalk cutting grass,” the woman said. In addition, Celeste, the child’s mother, said that she was talking on the phone when “Mexico” entered, one of her dogs, barking to let her know that the child had left the house when she realized she looked outside she saw the door open and ran away.

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