An intercity bus belonging to the Sarmiento company that was making the journey between Córdoba and the north of the Punilla Valley caught fire in the middle of the trip with 25 passengers on board, at the height of the town of Molinari, on Wednesday night.

The accident occurred at kilometer 42 of National Route 38 and after the unit began to catch fire for reasons that are being established, both the driver and the passengers were able to get off, so there are no injuries or injuries, only the scare before the alarming situation that they had to live in the middle of the trip, around 10 pm last night.

Alerted by the fact, several fire crews arrived at the scene and after an arduous task they managed to extinguish the fire, while the Highway Police cut off traffic on both sides of National Route 38 as a precautionary measure.

In the early hours of the morning, the department reported that circulation was restored, although it is recommended to circulate with caution in the sector.