Summer starts and I get one of the biggest risks that accompanies it, the dengue mosquito. The Ministry of Health of the Province reported that it is a 21-year-old boy, with no history of traveling abroad or to other regions of the country.

The young man went to a private health center to be treated for an acute febrile syndrome, headache and behind the eyes when he tested positive for the virus transmitted by the Aedes aegypti. It should be noted that it evolves favorably and did not require hospitalization.

Although it is an isolated episode, the appearance of an autochthonous case implies the existence of local transmission of the virus and, consequently, the possibility of outbreaks in the province.

It is for this reason that both the teams of the Epidemiology Directoratein conjunction with the Municipality of Cordoba, They carried out focus control actions to quickly eliminate mosquitoes that could be infected. It is recommended Eliminate mosquito breeding sites, avoid bites and be alert to symptoms: fever or headache, muscle or joint pain. In addition, Those who travel to areas with circulation of the virus must take extreme control measures.

Laura López, director of Epidemiology of the Province. she claimed that “…for now, in these control actions no new cases have been found, but it is essential to be alert and reinforce prevention measures. The mosquito that transmits dengue lives in homes, so it is essential to check the house, patio , gardens, in search of potential breeding grounds, and resume the precaution of avoiding bites…”


The Epidemiology Directorate informed that next week the aedic monitoring that are carried out each summer season in the different neighborhoods of the city to determine the risk index of outbreaks of these diseases.

To follow the protocol, they will visit 600 homes in 30 neighborhoods of the city, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., according to the following schedule:

  • Monday 26: Alto Alberdi, Residencial San Carlos, Parque Liceo Tercera Sección, Altos de Villa Cabrera, Bialet Massé and Kennedy.
  • Tuesday 27: Vélez Sarfield Park, Yofre, Yofre Sur, Villa Los Angeles, Ferreyra, Las Palmas Annex.
  • Wednesday 28: Cofico, Quintas de San Jorge, Cerro De las Rosas, Villa Marta, Rivadavia, Ghandi.
  • Thursday 29: Garden, Sergeant Cabral, Urca, Brewers, Maipú, Uritorco.
  • Friday 30: Escobar, Villa Corina, El Cerrito, May 1, Don Bosco, René Favaloro Sud.

The population is asked to allow promoters to enter their homes so that they can evaluate the presence of breeding sites and mosquito larvae Aedes aegyti in homes.