Gonzalo Moreno is a fan of Tini Stoessel who went to witness the first show that the artist performed on Thursday night at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium. To his surprise, the singer invited him on stage and what happened there left the entire audience shocked. Tini wanted to surprise him with this invitation, but finally the one who ended up being surprised was her.

It all started when Tini saw the Cordovan dancing below the stage, so she decided to interrupt the show to invite him to dance with her. “I can’t believe what you’re dancing, do you dare to go on stage?” She asked him, and the boy immediately agreed. Gonzalo carried a flag of the LGBT + community, which Tini immediately hung on her shoulders. “How important it is to be what one wants to be regardless of what the rest say. Let the envious go to hell”, shouted the singer.

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Later, when the Cordovan joined the choreography that Tini performed with his dancers, everyone was shocked because he seemed like just another dancer. The video of the impressive moment was shared by the young man on his TikTok account and has already garnered more than two million views and more than half a million likes.

Watch the video here: