Since Sunday night, there is a new millionaire or millionaire in the province of Córdoba. The lucky person matched all six numbers of the modality “The Second” of Quini Six and became a creditor $786,539,640.35. It is the largest prize in the history of the Santa Fe Lottery game.

The ballot was made in the town of Carnerillo, 45 kilometers from Río Cuarto, with the numbers 11 – 12 – 23 – 29 – 37 – 42 and was awarded the hefty prize. The winner will have to deduct a percentage close to 30% of taxes, with which he will finally end up receiving something more than $550 million.

But in the case of such an important prize, the owner of the agency where the bet was made also obtained a millionaire prize and will receive almost 9 million pesos ($ 8,711,242.11) as a stimulus prize.

When is the next Quini 6 draw?

The next drawing will be next Wednesday, August 24, and it comes with $522 million in prizes. According to the Lottery of the Province of Santa Fe, it will offer the following individual prize pools;

Traditional First Draw $330,000,000

The Second of Quini $59,000,000

Rematch $93,000,000

Quini always comes out $28,000,000