Juan Pablo Quinteros, councilor for Encuentro Vecinal Córdoba, has confirmed that he will not be a candidate for mayor for said political party. Quinteros announced this decision due to discrepancies that arose within the framework of the electoral strategy and the difficulty of finding points of agreement. He thanked Aurelio García Elorrio, leader of the political space, and expressed his support for him in the upcoming elections on June 25.

In a statement, Quinteros expressed his gratitude to María Rosa Marcone and César Orgaz, leaders of Encuentro Vecinal Córdoba, and stated that he hopes he has lived up to the demands of his role as councilor. Although his political future is uncertain at this time, he affirmed that his convictions remain firm and he trusts that God will guide him to make the best decisions.

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This news marks a turn in the political trajectory of Quinteros and raises questions about the electoral scenario in relation to the candidacy for mayor for Encuentro Vecinal Córdoba. The councilor’s resignation opens the way for other candidates to position themselves and outline themselves as possible candidates to fill the position in the next elections.

Read the statement here:

JP Quinteros Statement