Recently, the students of the Monserrat, San José and Las Teresas schools reported that they are assaulted in the vicinity of nearby establishments or bus stops and the episodes are increasing.

Motivated by this context, a radical councilor from Córdoba, Lucas Balián, presented a project in the Deliberative Council for students to enter and leave schools through supervised routes to reduce the risk of theft.

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Balian detailed how these secure corridors would work. Esot are about “paths used by students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff that will be determined in the vicinity of each educational center, appealing to uses, customs, territory and circulation. They will be from and to the educational center, requesting the collaboration of neighbors, merchants, parents, teachers, promoters of Coexistence, Police of the Province of Córdoba and the Municipality of the City of Córdoba in order to protect the psychophysical integrity of all users of the corridor “