Since the end of 2020, councilor Diego Casado from Hacemos por Córdoba has been fighting to make a municipal ordinance a reality that obliges the different officials of the Municipality of Córdoba to carry out a series of tests to demonstrate that they are free of the effects of substances. This time Casado’s initiative had as its main target the Cordovan deputy Rodigo De Loredo.

Everything happened in dialogue with Radio Events on the afternoon of this Monday when Casado unsheathed his entire arsenal and said: “This project that forces officials to perform rhinoscopies arises from an article of the narcotics law. I invite Rodrigo De Loredo to take these exams and explain his relationships with people from the underworld”

The councilor’s initiative seeks to account for transparency in relation to consumption in high command. Its mandatory nature would mean establishing “as a requirement for admission, promotion and permanence in the political or hierarchical levels of the public function, the mandatory nature of carrying out pertinent medical (rhinoscopy) and biochemical examinations to determine the presence of illegal drug metabolites” for officials of the Municipal Executive Department and heads of jurisdiction.

According to Casado, “it is not enough for officials to demonstrate their desire to fight drugs, but concrete actions are needed”