During a New Year’s Eve party in Punta del Este, a crowd found Cami Homs celebrating and did not hesitate to refer to her situation with her ex, Rodrigo de Paul. While she was with a group of relatives sitting on the edge of a railing towards the beach, a group of people sang an offensive song against Tini Stoessel.

“Olelé, olá, Tini eats it and Cami gives it to her” they shouted while the model is seen laughing and filming her supporters.

The moment was recorded and uploaded to the TikTok social network by sports journalist Juan Lacanaette and later viralized by the angels of the morning (THE M), cycle conducted by Ángel de Brito. On the same platform there was another video in which a song was heard in favor of the footballer and Homs’s direct response to them: “Let them all go to c… their mother.”

None of those involved, that is, Camila, Rodrigo and Tini, commented on it.

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