A young couple from Ecuador had come down the aisle. Normally, one would expect it to be a moment of joy for everyone present, but this time there seemed to be nothing happy about that “awaited” day.

The priest who officiated the ceremony, microphone in hand, decided to ask them both: “Are they coming to marry without being forced, freely and voluntarily?”but without hesitation, the boy answered categorically “Nerd”. The priest was shocked by the answer. “These obliged so?”, he continued.

Before continuing to speak with the boyfriend, he intercepted the girl who seemed to want to interrupt the interrogation, but the priest asked her to let him speak. There, he asked again: “Are you coming forced to marry?” The young man, again and without hesitating, replied: “Yes”. “Oh, what a boss. Forced, there is no marriage if you are forced. Here we are going to finish it”sentenced.

Immediately afterwards, it was the turn of the young woman dressed in white, who answered without hesitation that she did want to get married.

Then he turned to the young man and this time he spoke in Quechua, asking if his presence corresponded to a free act or was linked to duty. “I don’t know how to speak Quechua very well,” said the priest before giving rise to an attempt to imitate the Argentine accent, a situation that generated a closed laugh among those present.

The real question is, was everyone happy that this ceremony took place?