An unprecedented episode was recorded on the camera of a traveler who was driving with other people on the PR-167 highway in Comerío, Puerto Rico: Facebook user Héctor Pedraza shared a video on that social network in which another driver is seen making dangerous maneuvers driving in reverse at 30 kilometers per hour!

While reversing, the anonymous motorist turned the sharp curves of the mountain road, apparently without difficulty. Among the various comments made by those who were filming the event, he was able to hear: “Lamborghini, Honda and Toyota from Puerto Rico, if they see this shit…, they should shoot him because he is a real driver. Category 20 on the license”.

But it all seemed to be a dangerous but lucky adventure, since the offender did not crash into another car, nor did he fall off a cliff, nor did he hit the mountain. The video ended when the offender allegedly realized he was being filmed. At that moment he pulls off the road, apparently to turn the car in the proper direction.

The video on Facebook has more than 116,000 views and hundreds of “likes” and comments. “The guy is tough”, “How crazy”, “He arrives without a neck”, “I end up in the dam” and “What a skill my friend” are some of the messages from users.

You can watch the full video, which lasts almost two and a half minutes, clicking here. Look at the insane moment!