The user @eliasagustin4 went viral in the last few hours on the Tiktok social network, after posting a video in which he recounted an unusual situation that he had to experience after taking an ice cream order to his ex-partner and his current boyfriend. “What did he want to tell me?” the boy wondered.

In the recording, the protagonist begins by showing a simple ticket, which is the kick to tell his story of his work day on Wednesday afternoon: “Guys don’t know what happened to me. I’m cadeting and I get an order. 1 kilo of ice cream. Tramontana, peach, sambayón and chocolate”.

A delivery man received a "spicy" tip • Channel C

So far everything seemed normal, an ordinary ice cream order story, but everything changed when the boy began to tell who ordered the kilo: “I look at the name and address, my ex’s house, the one who left me for someone else” .

The Tiktok user decided to deal with the situation in a mature way, but the girl’s current partner, we imagine that in complicity with her ex, decided to give her a suggestive tip, not because of the amount, but because of what appeared on it: “I grab , I take the order and my ex’s boyfriend comes out, and he gives me this little tip bill. What did he mean to tell me? It turns out that it was a 100 peso bill, with the image of a deer.