When the debate on the 2023 Budget ended, a very emotional moment was experienced in the Chamber of Deputies around the legislator Camila Crescimbeni, who is going through a very difficult personal moment and attended the session as well. One of her colleagues spoke about the ending and decided to offer a few words in recognition of the deputy.

Silvia Lospennato asked to speak and said: “It’s only a minute. The truth is that we wanted to thank you and also tell you that deputy Camila Crescimbeni, who lost a child less than a month ago and is on maternity leave for her other baby who is hospitalized, came today to fulfill her role”, highlighted the Pro legislator, who was seen to be deeply moved by the situation she relates.

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“While many deputies went to sleep, deputy Camila Crescimbeni came to fulfill her role. It was just that, nothing more”, closed Lospennato. At the words of her partner, the deputy could not contain her emotion and burst into tears. “Come on, Cami!” They shouted to encourage her from her bench.

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