The cost of the basic food basket registered in October an increase of 9.5%, which determined that a typical family (consisting of two adults and two minors) needed to receive income for $62,105 to avoid being placed in a situation of indigence, reported today the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec). It should be remembered that inflation in October was 6.3%, according to the agency’s data.

The agency also reported that the cost of the total basic basket (CBT), which in addition to food measures clothing products and services, increased 9% last month, for which the same family group he needed to have $139,737 in order not to fall below the poverty line.

The data is completely alarming, especially if one takes into account that compared to the same month last year, the increase was 93.1%. Exactly one year ago, a family needed to generate income for 72,365 pesos.

Another fact to keep in mind is that the interannual variation of the basic food basket was 100.8%that is, compared to October 2021. At that time, a typical family needed 30,925 pesos to avoid falling below the line of indigence.