The Ombudsman of Córdoba recently published a new report to account for the increase in the Basic Food Basket (CBA) and the Total Basic Basket (CBT) -which delimit the lines of indigence and poverty, respectively- that a typical family of 4 members.

In order to avoid falling into destitution, the group made up of two adults and two children required income from $63,339 to cover food expenses. This data contrasts with another private survey that indicated that the same family needed 78,934 pesos.

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The Ombudsman’s report indicates that “Taking into account the total expenses (contemplated in the CBT) the sum for this household amounts to $143,781, households that do not exceed this threshold are under the poverty line”.

in absolute terms, the CBA increased $3,003.27 compared to December 2022 for the reference household, and $29,641.17 compared to February 2022. In relation to the CBT, in that period it had a variation of $66,611.49 and $6,214.07 more than in December 2022.

The items that increased the most

In the month under analysis meat implied the greatest expense, constituting 31.48% of the basket. Then you followed by Fruits and Vegetables with 26.04%the Flours and Legumes with 18.57%he category Others varied by 12.31% and finally Eggs and Dairy suffered an increase of 11.61%.

Inside the CBA the meat category constitutes the group with the most weight because all the cuts increased: the skirt presented an increase of 1.02%, while the greatest increase occurred in the palette with 3.49% increase.

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Feeding without TACC

The CBA suitable for celiacs was $25,930.55 for an equivalent adult in January 2023 (4.24% more than in December 2022 and 91.88% more than in February 2022) and the CBT was $58,862.35. For the family group mentioned above (whose 8-year-old girl has celiac disease), the CBA and CBT amounted to $67,033.76 and $152,166.64 respectively. The cost of food is 26.50%, that is, ($5,432.22) higher for celiacs than for the common CBA. Taking the consumption of the celiac member, the household CBA is $3,693.91 more expensive than the common one