Nicolás Lodeiro, Executive Director of the Yaguareté Network (NGO that protects the 250 jaguars that remain throughout the national territory) was part of the latest edition of Instagram Live broadcast by the Channel C platform.

“Legally we are a foundation that began with expeditions and we address lines of action to protect jaguars and their ecosystem” said Lodeiro about the work they carry out to preserve big cats from being killed

The Executive Director of the Red Yaguareté pointed out that the risk of survival of this species began when the white man set foot on the continent and the ruthless hunting due to the trade in their skins. In this regard, he referred to the case that has come to light in recent days on the illegal sale of coats made from animal skins: “When things as treacherous as these happen, I want to think that either they are quite distracted or there is a lack of knowledge of the law”.

Now, what is the role of the State in these cases? On this, the Attorney indicated: “Yesterday we asked Cabandié to have the courage to draw up a rule where the Ministry of the Environment has to present itself as a criminal plaintiff in these cases.” Likewise, he pointed out that they will also ask for proof of payment of the fines to be shown, since the funds will be allocated to them.

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