Yesterday a fire broke out in the Biker Tatto tattoo studio, located inside a house in the north of Córdoba Capital. Lucia, one of the victims, shared a video on her Instagram account telling of the distressing situation and requesting help.

According to the young woman, her mother was fixing a glasses in the premises and a jet unleashed the fire, causing damage to a large part of the home. The woman suffered several burns in different parts of her body but fortunately she is out of danger.

Lucía gave her aliases to those who want and can collaborate financially with them and thus repair the damage both at home and at the tattoo studio. The business where the incident originated is the only source of income they have at the moment.

data to help them

Alias ​​Payment Market: AYUDA.INCENDIO.LUCIA and Alias ​​Banco Nación: LUCIA.AYUDA.INCENDIO