During the national holiday of this Tuesday for the celebrations of the World Cup, an extensive operation took place to disrupt a gang of criminals in the city of Córdoba and in the interior of the province.

were performed 53 raids by order of prosecutor Ruben Caroand arrested 15 people who were part of a gang that stole cars and auto parts and tires. Some members of the criminal organization were defendants released and under conditions.

Among the detainees is a interior police provincial. Likewise, they are more under investigation with accusations ranging from illicit association and scams, even robberies.

In the operation, a police officer was also accused of false denunciation and fraud. According to the complaint, the woman handed over her vehicle to the gang, reported it as stolen, and collected the insurance.

“There are other cases of the same modality committed by individuals, which were managed to abort, remaining in an attempt”, “by accused and suspected police officers, the Police Conduct Tribunal will be notified and the investigation continues for the alleged commission of new crimes, once specialized cabinets analyze the abundant evidence seized” expressed from the prosecutor’s office.

The prosecution He also announced that there are still fugitive members of the band and in case of not appearing before the Justice, they will get rid arrest warrants.

The operation was ordered by the Investigation Prosecutor D1 T4in charge of Ruben Carowithin the framework of the fight against car theft mafias.