Despite the many self-defense devices and maneuvers that exist to protect yourself from aggression, a young woman came up with a truly unbeatable idea. Marina is a girl from Madrid who uploads a lot of content to digital platforms like TikTok and Instagram. She there she shared a video in which she tells (and shows!) How she manages to walk calmly down the street.

“I feel safer with a beard in my bag. I walk down the street alone, at night… I open my bag and put my beard on. And I feel great and very safe”says the young woman. She at that moment she appears with the piece of false beard placed on her face and she affirms that “You see me like this on the street and you don’t come close, I’m pretty scary.”

Marina also assures that the looks makes her see “very sexy. That is something that is known.” He also said that despite the fact that he only wears his beard when he goes alone on the street, “Sometimes I have forgotten to enter the subway. I still look beautiful. If someone puts something wrong with me in the comments, it is because you envy me, that is something obvious”, close the clip.

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The video garnered thousands of views and comments of all kinds, but most were other women applauding the idea.. “Good idea, but I wish we didn’t have to do this kind of thing…”; “IT’S GREAT I never would have imagined”; “ahh, aunt, that’s a very good idea, I’m thinking of buying one and doing the same as you”wrote netizens.