More than a month and a half have passed since the Argentine National Team won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, however, the Argentine fans continue to fulfill their promises for having won the World Cup. This time, the sensation was caused by an 80-year-old grandmother who had promised to get a tattoo in honor of Julián Álvarez.

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Through a video that was shared on Tiktok, the grandmother showed the feat she performed. “We took my grandmother to fulfill the dream of her first tattoo by Julián Álvarez”, she begins by saying one of her grandchildren. In the later images, the woman is seen sitting down in a room, ready to start her session. “If you see me cry, it’s not from pain, it’s from emotion,” she says on camera.

The design he chose was that of a spider, with the number 9 and three stars. “Thank you, the tattoo is spectacular. I hope I get to Julián and that he sees at 80 what I did for him ”, the woman expressed. The truth is that the video reached the player and he decided to share it through his Instagram story.

Watch the video here: