A grandmother turned 89 years old and decided to throw a small party in which the guests were nothing more and nothing less than her ten dogs. The video was shared through Tiktok and quickly went viral.

In the video you can see the dogs each sitting in their chair around the table, with the cake and the lit candles, while the happy birthday song is heard in the background. The woman’s daughter was in charge of portraying the surprising moment.

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María, is the name of the birthday girl who lives in Brazil and who this time decided to carry out a somewhat different celebration. The woman lives with her daughter and her dogs, they spend most of their time with the woman, so she decided to also give them a preferential place in the celebration.

Food for people and food for pets were served at the party, and there were even some special treats for them. Also, some of the puppies had special outfits for the celebration. Maria lived a very happy birthday.

Watch the video here: