This Monday night the streets of Nueva Córdoba are the protagonists of a scene that could well have come out of a horror movie. Thousands of students and residents of the neighborhood are terrified after seeing how a criminal gang attacked and brutally beat those who walked the streets in order to steal their belongings. They even entered apartments.

The neighborhood known for being a safe area for many students who come from the interior to study at the National University of Córdoba today seems to be more insecure than ever. Social networks were transformed into minutes instead of complaints to claim for police absence and help to warn where the gang is operating. In addition, the videos and images that record the different thefts and fights in the middle of the street do not stop surprising.

For several weeks, Parque Sarmiento merchants have been denouncing that some 30 criminals use drugs, rob and beat visitors to the place.

This Sunday afternoon, a video of the Córdoba Police was also recorded in which it is observed how a group attacked passers-by under the modality of “piranha robbery” at the intersection of Carlos Thays and Crisol streets. As a result of this episode that occurred over the weekend, the authorities arrested nine minors.

It is not known if it is the same criminal group, but without a doubt panic reigns in Nueva Córdoba. The footage shows young people carrying out pack attacks in places such as Buen Pastor, Barrio Güemes and Plaza España.

Audio also circulated of a young woman who, on the verge of crying, said that three thieves entered her fourth-floor apartment and took her belongings.