The renowned actor and comedian Gabriel Marasini participated in the series of talks with host Mimi Spicher. From the last Studio Theater dressing room, Marasini had a fun meeting on Instagram with the journalist from C. There they talked about nothing more and nothing less than his new and wonderful one-man show: I remember.

The artist who dazzles the mornings of Canal 10 with his delirious performances and characters returns to stand on a stage from Cordoba. This time with a show that will make you emotional, laugh and even embrace the past a little.

Memento is a humorous journey back in time to a not-so-distant past where almost everything now seems different. In just a few years, daily technology, consumption, fashions and the way we relate to each other changed drastically. “The memory with humor seems like a way of not going so crazy and living that change from another side”, commented Marasini.

“Some generations that went from analog to digital. We lived by renting a movie, we recorded the songs from the radio and the announcer came across us speaking in the middle and we wanted to die. We survived the frozen juices and the six electronic hot dogs for one peso,” Marasini remarked with a burst of laughter.

“It must be made clear that it was not a better or worse time. There are things that were delusional that luckily cannot be done anymore, thank God,” he stressed and recalled surprised that at the parties of 15 the waiters passed with a lit tray with fire or that was smoked everywhere, even next to the children!

“There is a tendency to romanticize the past, things that used to be a bolt like taking ten buses to get to a terrible job, now when we see it we can even experience longing,” he clarified.

Although it is a show in which those over thirty will undoubtedly feel more identified, without a doubt the show is for the whole family, it is even presented as a moment to share stories between the older ones and the boys.

Next dates

Gabriel Marasini awaits you on stage displaying his histrionics and ATP language at the service of humor, to experience this journey full of humorous reflections, ideal for laughing at ourselves, thinking about the past and letting out a beautiful laugh. It will be presented next Friday, August 19 and 26 at the La Brújula Theater, located near the Cofico neighborhood on Rivadavia 1452 street.

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You can also relive this incredible talk between Marasini and Mimi by entering the Instagram Channel C. Are you going to miss it?