The team in charge of the custody of President Alberto Fernández suffered an accident that left three injured and one dead. This is First Sergeant Yanina Laresse, who lost her life after one of the two trucks overturned at Vicuña Mackenna, on the way to Villa Mercedes.

It is estimated that the accident occurred due to the weather conditions in the area, marked by heavy rain, which caused one of the trucks to lose control. The cars are rented by the presidency and belong to the Intelligence Security Group of the Military House, in charge of Major Colonel Alejandro Guglielmi.

It is worth mentioning that the president planned to travel to deliver homes in the town this Thursday, although there are still no official details on the continuity of the activity, for this reason, as usually happens, the Government sent days before an “advanced step” to prepare the land.

Through a brief statement, the Argentine Army fired the first sergeant after her death. “It is with deep regret that we report the death of First Sergeant Yanina Mariel Larese, who suffered a traffic accident while serving a service assignment at the Military House. We accompany her family, friends and comrades in this difficult moment.

advance group

The mission of Larese and his companions is known as “Advanced Echelon” and usually this type of operation is made up of military or police personnel assigned to “Casa Militar”, whose mission is to anticipate presidential displacements to carry out the prior recognition of the places through which the president will circulate, either inside or outside the country.

In this case, the delegation had the mission of studying the area surrounding the Villa Mercedes mayor’s office, a place that the President plans to visit next Thursday to deliver homes.