During the last control before the elections, the candidate for mayor, daniel rotti, marked that there was a name of someone who is not part of the lists. The Municipal Electoral Board ordered that reprint the tickets No typing errors for the PASO this Sunday, June 4.

Rotti told La Voz that this name was not part of the lists and he wants to get to the bottom of the mistake made, since it was not only a minor drafting inconvenience, but also that the wrongly added person passed away two years ago.

“They want to dirty me, I never presented that person on my list. It seems that they don’t believe that honest people want to work and they intend to dirty my name. I will go to the last consequences to find out who did it, “added the candidate

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From the municipality of Rio Tercero they assumed that the elections would cost 20 million pesos, but now they must add the costs of reprinting because this process will not leave Rotti’s estate.

Rio Tercero is the the only town in Córdoba that carries out a PASOWith this mistake, there was a risk of suspending or postponing the primary elections.