The Down is Up Córdoba Foundation continues to carry out multiple comprehensive actions with the aim of making Down Syndrome visible through proposals for education, training, social and cultural activities that strengthen coexistence. At the same time, they seek to promote the independent life and autonomy of people with Down syndrome.

Within this framework, on May 11 they will carry out the second edition of the conference on Down Syndrome by the renowned pediatrician specialist in trisomy 21, Dr. Eduardo Moreno Vivot, at the Córdoba Cultural Center.

They are aimed at parents, families and the community in general who wish to acquire approach and inclusion tools. The day is with limited places and the entrance has a cost of $2,500. They can be purchased through the web

The purpose of the meeting is to address different topics on Down syndrome, from birth and its development in childhood and independent adult life. For this, two leaders in the subject have also been summoned: the speech therapist Betina Heredia and the educational psychologist Cecilia Cedrola.

“We are convinced that the tools that specialists can provide in the conferences will be a valuable contribution for families, professionals and the general public in order to obtain resources and tools for their growth and development, benefiting all of us on the path of a more successful society. inclusive” point out the organizers of the meeting.


Dr. Eduardo Moreno Vivot

For his part, Dr. Eduardo Moreno Vivot is a pediatrician and neonatologist, member of the Health Commission of the Down Syndrome Association of the Argentine Republic (ASDRA), Member of the Ibero-American Federation of Down Syndrome and collaborator of numerous Institutions national and international, among other activities of his extensive curriculum.

Dr. Beatriz Heredia

Speech therapist specializing in early stimulation and Asdra consultant. Director of the Selec interdisciplinary team, specialized in the social inclusion of children with development and learning disorders

Lic. Cecilia Cedrola

Bachelor’s Degree in Educational Psychology/Master’s in Care for People with Down Syndrome. University of Barcelona.