The initiative, carried out by the government of Córdoba, will take place on July 3, 4 and 5. It is a unique event in the country which positions Córdoba in online sales. The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining, through the Secretariat of Commerce, invites the people of Cordoba and the entire country to learn about the brands that will participate by visiting

The online event will have the participation of more than 600 Cordoba brands that are positioned in 13 categories:

  1. electro and technology
  2. Furniture, Home and Deco
  3. Clothing and Footwear
  4. Sports and Fitness
  5. Travels and tourism
  6. automotive
  7. Babies and Children
  8. Pets
  9. Cosmetics, Beauty and Accessories
  10. Tools and Construction Items
  11. Food and drinks
  12. Entertainment
  13. Several.

New in this edition

Companies and businesses will have two seals: “Interest-free fees” and “Free shipping”, which will improve your positioning on the platform. In the event that they offer “Instalments Without Interest” they must consign the banks or financial entities through which they offer the benefit.

As in previous editions, each brand will be able to offer five outstanding products, to which the “Interest-free Quotas” and “Free Shipping” stamps will also be added.


Bank of Cordoba: Cordobesa Card has special financing plans. In addition, 20% savings for purchases in stores that are part of Ofertón and that operate with Bancor, of which each customer will obtain a maximum of $4,000.

This year the Bancor Store is added with available products and financing with personal loans for up to 36 months.

OrangeX: with Plan Z you can get 3 zero interest installments and if you have an Orange credit card you can get up to 18 zero interest installments, in Electro and Technology, Clothing and Footwear, Sports, Automotive, Babies and Children, Pets, Cosmetics, Beauty and Accessories , Construction, among others.

Santander and Getnet: This year more brands joined Getnet, Grupo Santander’s collection and services solution, with exclusive benefits.

For customers adhering to Getnet, with Santander Visa and Mastercard credit cards you will have a 40% discount on all products on Monday, July 3, with a refund limit of $2,000, and 3 interest-free installments on all products on Tuesday, July 4.

Go Quotas: In 2, 3 and 4 installments without interest with a debit card, at no cost to the end user. To start, you have to register at

wibond: You can make purchases with 4 installments without interest with debit or up to 3, 6 and 12 installments with interest. The account is created 100% free at or through its App, with ID and email. With a $1,500 gift on your first purchase and free shipping at selected stores.

Offer 2023 It is the result of strategic alliances with Bancor, NaranjaX, Santander Rio, Go Cuotas and Wibond; Argentine Mail, Oca, Andreani, Epick; the Chambers of Commerce of Córdoba, of Commerce of Household Appliances and Related of Córdoba; of Hardware, Iron, Sanitary and Related Stores of Córdoba, of Supermarkets and Self-Services of Córdoba; of Franchises of Córdoba; Commercial Federation of Córdoba; CAMMEC, CAMECE and CIIECCA.