After a successful edition in 2021, the traditional “Night of the Museums” returns to Córdoba with the participation of 50 cultural and artistic institutions located in the capital and in the interior of the province.

The appointment will be next November 18th, and the spaces will open their doors from 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. There is still no information about the programming and organization of transportation in this new edition, but they confirmed that it will soon be published on their website.

Here are all the participating museums:

  1. Anatomy Museum: Chubut 415.
  2. Museum of Pathological Anatomy: Santa Rosa 1584.
  3. Museum of Anthropology: Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 174.
  4. Historical Archive of the Province: Av. Poeta Leopoldo Lugones 401.
  5. Ibero-American Museum of Crafts: Belgrano 750.
  6. Córdoba Library: April 27, 375.
  7. Botanical Museum: Av. Vélez Sársfield 299.
  8. CePia. Center for Production and Research in Arts: Medina Allende s/n, Ciudad Universitaria.
  9. Casa de la Reforma Museum: Paseo de La Reforma corner of La Rioja.
  10. Museum of Communication: Av. Los Nogales esq. Av. Enrique Barros.
  11. Cucumber House Cultural Center: Fructuoso Rivera 291.
  12. Casona Municipal Cultural Center: Av. General Paz esq. The Rioja.
  13. Córdoba Cultural Center: Av Poeta Lugones 401.
  14. Spain Córdoba Cultural Center: Entre Ríos 40.
  15. Paseo de las Artes Cultural Center: Achaval Rodríguez 400.
  16. Paseo Córdoba Cultural Center of New Andalusia: Duarte Quirós 307.
  17. Contemporary Art Center: Av.Cárcano 1750.
  18. Interactive Science Museum of the FCQ: Av. Medina Allende and Haya de la Torre, Ciudad Universitaria.
  19. Health Sciences Museum: Santa Rosa 1564.
  20. Provincial Museum of Natural Sciences: Av. Poeta Lugones 395.
  21. Technological Scientific Museum: Av. Velez Sarsfield 1611.
  22. Museum of the City. Historic Town Hall: Independence 30.
  23. Quartet Museum: Av. Colón and Rivera Indarte.
  24. Hugo del Carril Municipal Film Club: Bv. Saint John 49.
  25. Monserrat National College Museum: Bishop Trejo 294.
  26. Old Novitiate Jesuit Crypt Museum: Av. Colon 100.
  27. Historical Museum of the Faculty of Law: Obispo Trejo 242.
  28. Dionysus Palace. Museum of Photography: Av. Hipolito Yrigoyen 622.
  29. Emilio Caraffa Museum: Av. Poeta Lugones 411.
  30. Avoid Museum. Ferreyra Palace: Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 511.
  31. Practical School of Medicine “Alejandro Centeno”: Santa Rosa 1085.
  32. FAUDI Virtual Museum: Avda. Vélez Sársfield 264.
  33. Historical Museum of the UNC: Bishop Trejo 242.
  34. Municipal Museum of Fine Arts Dr. Genaro Pérez: General Paz 33.
  35. Fray José de San Alberto Museum: Bishop Trejo 200.
  36. Juan de Tejeda Museum of Religious Art: Independencia 122.
  37. Industry Museum: Libertad 1130.
  38. La Piojera Cultural Center: Av. Colón 1559.
  39. FRAMEWORK. Arco de Córdoba Museum: Av. Amadeo Sabattini 4750.
  40. Marqués de Sobremonte Museum: Rosario de Santa Fe 218.
  41. Museum of Mineralogy and Geology: Av. Vélez Sársfield Nº 246.
  42. Cultural Space Museum of Women: Rivera Indarte 55.
  43. Astronomical Observatory Museum: Laprida 854.
  44. FCE Gallery. Faculty of Economic Sciences: Bv. Enrique Barros s/n.
  45. Historical Museum of the Faculty of Dentistry: Haya de la Torre s/n.
  46. Paleontology Museum: Av. Vélez Sársfield 249.
  47. Plaza Cielo Tierra Scientific Interpretation Center: Av. Chacabuco 1270.
  48. Paseo del Buen Pastor: Av. Hipólito Yrigoyen 325.
  49. Museum of Psychology: Faculty of Psychology (Enrique Barros s/n, Ciudad Universitaria).
  50. Malicha room. Children’s and Youth Reading Room: Independencia 30.
  51. Libertador Theater: Av. Vélez Sarsfield 365.
  52. Royal Theater: San Jerónimo 66, Córdoba.
  53. Zoology Museum: Av. Vélez Sarsfield 249/299.